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The Man’s Guide to Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Toronto, ON - December 15, 2021 – You haven’t stepped foot in a mall, you have 15 unread emails from your friends and family asking you what you want, and you even changed the channel when Rudolph came on, but you can’t ignore it any longer: Christmas is nearly here and you’re running out of time.  You have to do your Christmas shopping.  With a little help from readers and the “guys” at – here is a list of tips that will help men everywhere stay sane during the craziest shopping time of the year.

1.  Plan Your Attack. When shopping, you must channel your inner-ninja and be in and out before anyone knows you were even there. Prepare in advance.  You should know what you’re looking for, how much it costs, and where to get it, before you leave the comfort of your home. 

2. Tune Out. Bring your MP3 player with you when you go shopping.  The only thing worse than the crowds at the mall are the unavoidable Christmas carols and crying babies that echo in the cavernous mall interiors.  Your music may not be festive, but at least it won’t drive you crazy.

3. Whither the Web? You’ve waited too long to shop online and have anything shipped to you (unless you want to pay a huge premium for express shipping), but you can still use the internet to save money.  You’ll save a lot of time by comparing the price, availability, and reviews of a product over the internet.  Many stores now offer the option of buying online and then picking up directly from the store.  That beats fighting an equally desperate guy for the last Wii in the store.

4.  Support the Trend. If you’re stuck for ideas, find out what other people are getting your shopping target and get them something that compliments that.  Someone is getting them skis?  Buy them ski goggles.

5.  Suck it Up. Gift cards are for lazy and uncreative gift givers.  Suck it up and admit that you may be one of these people.  One caveat, DO NOT give gift cards to wives, girlfriends or potential significant-others.

6.  Budget. Contrary to guy logic, more expensive isn’t necessarily better.  You’re running out of time, but don’t panic.  Take a few hours to plan your budget, narrow down which stores you’re going to, and to adjust your “nice” list. 

7.  Wing-Women and Wing-Men. Shopping for the ladies in your life?  Call your mother, daughter, sister, friend or female coworker and tap into their natural ability. They will know what colours match, which stores suck, what she really wants, and more importantly, what message your gift is really sending her.  Wing-Women are helpful when shopping, Wing-Men are not.  If guys were good at holiday shopping, you wouldn’t be reading this article, would you?

And finally:

Or you could just… skip it! Just skip Christmas and wait until Boxing Day to buy all of your gifts.  Just make sure that everyone knows you’re doing it first.  Telling people that “you were waiting until Boxing Day” also makes a great excuse if you accidentally forget to buy a gift for someone… not that we’ve ever done that.


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