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The Man’s Guide to Surviving Valentines Day

It’s a well known fact – most men hate shopping. But mostly men really hate not knowing what is considered a “romantic” gesture and what is considered a “fumble”. This can make it difficult to shop for that perfect Valentines Day surprise. Learn from your mistakes gentlemen.

With a little help from the girls at here is a list of tips that will help men everywhere stay sane, minimize mistakes and have the best possible success on Valentines Day. A few short stories are also included that come from submissions from the annual Valentines Day contest asking for interesting and funny romantic stories of the day.

1. Plan Your Attack. If you choose to go the gift route – decide in advance what is appropriate. If you’ve just started dating – you may want to save the jewelry for next year. HINT: If you decide on jewelry, make sure you check it BEFORE you leave the store. Don’t make the same mistake as John, one of the contest entrants and have it wrapped at the store without checking it over. When his Valentine opened the gift – it had the wrong initials. She thought he gave her the wrong pendant – and had several girls on the go. They broke up.

2. Flowers – hmmm. Decision time guys. Do you really want to spend a few hundred dollars on roses? It’s an individual decision. There are a few tips here: First – make sure if you are giving roses – they are RED. Red is the colour of love. Don’t make the same mistake as entrant Chad who gave yellow roses to his new girlfriend. Yellow is the sign of friendship and she thought he was trying to tell her he only thought of her as a friend. Tip: Think about pre-Valentines Day flowers. Save yourself a lot of money!

3. Plan ahead. Think about doing an early Valentines Day. Flowers will be less expensive and the romantic restaurant you want to take her to will have better service. Ever tried to get a servers attention quickly on Valentines Day? If you do an early celebration, make plans to have a romantic night in. A few candles, some wine, some food and a chick flick will go a long way.

4. Let your mouse do the walking. The fourth tip is the BEST tip and is the most obvious, shop online! You’ll save money and find multiple gift ideas with the click of a button. But best of all – you can ask for advice from other shoppers on the forum.

5. Mechanical Mishaps. Okay guys – listen up. If you are trying to impress your date by taking her out to a restaurant for dinner – make sure your car has: 1. Gas 2. Oil. 3. Coolant. And most important of all – know which one goes where. Contest entrant Frank took his date out for a romantic dinner and just barely managed to get his overheating car to a gas station. He thought he could fix the problem by putting oil in the car – instead of coolant in the radiator – not good. Yep – that’s a true story. They broke down in a very questionable part of town and had to be rescued by the Police.

6. Skip it? Really? Beware. Beware of women who agree to skip Valentines Day. It may be a trap. Have something just in case. And guys – no matter what…get her a card. It’s always the card that counts.


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