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Bargain Hunting Experts Reveal Top Tips for Boxing Day Bonanza

Toronto, ON - December 22, 2021 – For millions of Canadian shoppers, Boxing Day is the most important shopping occasion of the year. Shopaholics, spendthrifts, and people who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas will flood to stores and online checkout lines for big savings. Just showing up at the store doesn’t mean you’ll get what you want, however. Some preparation and research beforehand will help you get the most out of this once a year shopping bonanza.  Courtesy of, here are a few tips for making the most of Boxing Day Shopping.

Tip #1: - A great place to start is online. Do as much internet research as you can beforehand so you’re not forced to ask questions, wait for customer service representatives, or hold up cashiers. Bargain hunting websites, such as, can help immensely. You’ll find much of the work will have been done for you – complete store flyers and the hottest deals will be posted for easy perusal, often before the sales actually start.  Online, the Boxing Day Sales actually start on December 24th, more than a day before the neighbourhood mall even opens.

According to Derek Szeto, President of, “every December the site becomes “Canada’s Boxing Day Headquarters,” packed with information about where the best Boxing Day deals can be found.  We even have a mobile version of the site you can use on your phone while in the store.”

Tip #2 – To Crash or Not to Crash:  If you’re keen on getting the absolute best deals, often called “door crashers”, you might want to get the family together and open presents on December 24, because the most committed bargain hunters will be lining up outside of stores a full day before the sales begin.

Tip #3 – Stand in line or stay warm online:  Make your decision and stick with it.  For its part, the online shopping experience can be bumpy as well. With the huge surge of online customers, websites can be slow to load or experience other problems.  The upside of online is the sales start early – so if you don’t care about door crashing, you still have time to hit the mall if you run into a glitch online!

Tip #4 – Check Exchange Policies: No matter where you’re shopping, take care to double check exchange policies. If you buy something on Boxing Day (or during Boxing Week), you might not be able to return or exchange it right away – some retailers will suspend or limit those services during their busiest week of the year.


Launched in November 2000, uses the power of community to alert bargain-hunting consumers to Canadian deals via the Internet. The site currently boasts over 2 million monthly unique visitors and over 28 million page views every month.

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