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Link help Fangcun District Education System Link network information
Technology and education is China’s basic national policy has long been in the deepening of social information, the rapid growth of knowledge today, the traditional education industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges. Implementation of information technology in education is to achieve education to pass. School Link project started, multimedia courseware, distance learning and online libraries and other modern teaching methods, for the education industry to achieve leap again provides a new way of thinking and direction of development. As a campus management system and modern teaching support platform, network infrastructure will promote the process of education information play an important role as a full support for the School Link project an important force,Uggs Canada, the world’s leading provider of network equipment and solutions DLink for the campus network characteristics and future trends, the introduction of a series of customized solutions featured, powerful impetus to the construction of educational information stride forward. In order to promote quality education, fostering more talent force, to further accelerate the economic and social construction Fangcun District, in order to achieve early completion of western business center of Guangzhou, the goal, Fangcun District since 2003 on increased investment in education efforts for , are carrying out a comprehensive transformation of schools, education, information technology, team optimization, scientific research and education, community education projects five projects, in one fell swoop changed the educational backwardness of the region, known as the Jiaoyuqiangqu, Guangdong Province, and was Jiaoyuqiangqu supervision and evaluation group was awarded the Guangdong Province Jiaoyuqiangqu the glorious title. Which by the DLink independent contractor of the School Link Network and Information Engineering contributed Fangcun District is to achieve leapfrog development level of education an important support, but also the focus of the evaluation team visits key hardware index as Guangzhou, education management information standards demonstration area, Fangcun District Education Information Phase II project covering the 28 primary and secondary schools. Under normal circumstances, a complete campus network including multimedia network classroom, library, dormitory, laboratory buildings, academic buildings and office buildings,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, information point intensive. Extensive network coverage and access to a large number of network needs a strong core to provide plenty of power. In addition, due to network convergence trend is increasingly evident,Cheap Uggs, coupled with the campus network traffic is huge and the uneven distribution of time, you need to provide sufficient bandwidth network system, and to ensure superior stability for the rapidly growing primary and secondary schools, the plan should give full consideration to the network the future development of the school, so scalability and network equipment upgrade capability can not be ignored. In addition, school management system, save a lot of teaching materials, student achievement, and other important files and data, network security is essential in order to improve the overall operational capacity campus network and the results, authentication and accounting system, intelligent management and QoS services Quality is essential. Taking into account the actual size of primary and secondary schools and for cost control requirements, select appropriate and cost-effective network structure and has a high cost of network devices, in order to achieve economic networking, efficient nets purposes. For special network features of the educational system and application requirements, DLink full integration and their own product lines, combined with many years in the education industry rich networking experience, a more efficient and economical flat Layer 2 network architecture. Network topology is as follows:
Programs,Uggs Canada, DLink high quality performance Gigabit Switch DES6500 even play on the network backbone. As a core switching equipment, DES6500 have excellent data forwarding capability, 352G large-capacity backplane makes DES6500 full wire speed switching on all ports possess the ability, essentially eliminating the bottleneck of network congestion, to ensure smooth flow of interactive communication between the interior of the campus unimpeded, making it easy to achieve a variety of network applications unified bearer. Not only that, DES6500 provides Gigabit uplink ports to achieve the same Fangcun District Education Centre, a high-speed backbone network communication. Meanwhile, RIP, OSPF, IPXRIP, AppleTalk Routing routing protocols such as full support to ensure that the campus network interconnection between the stable and reliable network equipment network application system uptime is guaranteed, because the relative concentration of students and teachers access time , resulting in the campus network huge network traffic during certain hours, which support the core layer of the network architecture is a huge challenge. To this end, DES6500 provides a wealth of redundancy strategy. For example, DES6500 have power redundancy features, to avoid the damage caused by a power outage situation. Meanwhile, the device also features hot-swappable modular design, management can not interfere with normal network communication is always replace faulty components, in addition, including VRRP, spanning tree, link aggregation and a series of practical redundancy to help users easily deal with network operation of any accidents occur, effective protection of the campus network, campus network in order to ensure stable operation of the safety, security school educational system and important data from unlawful infringement, DES6500 provides multiple security policies, including those based on 802.1 Q VLAN standard dynamic division, is used to control network traffic IP filtering, etc., and full support for 802.1x security authentication standards for schools to bring all-round, multi-level security protection at the network edge, DLink flexible aggregation layer will merged into one layer and the access layer, selection of high performance stackable switches DES3526 various buildings of the campus directly into the network core, forming a layer to the network center from the edge of the fast lane, while optimizing network structure, reducing the campus network construction Cost, do both access layer shouldering the task of connecting all network terminals, its quality will directly affect the quality of the network usage, DLink DES3526 stackable access layer switching equipment is the ideal choice. High-density 24-port settings, up to 32 devices stacking, making DES3526 extension advantages are obvious, can provide a large campus network users provide sufficient network ports. Leading Virtual stacking technology to achieve the on demand, according to their different schools can determine the actual size of the number of stacked and can be increased with the access terminal flexible expanded to make the best use, thus effectively avoiding the over-investment and redundant construction, ideally suited for the rapid development of the campus network in order to improve the efficiency of the campus network operators, DES3526 particularly the introduction of 802.1x security authentication standards, combined with DLink independent research and development capabilities with powerful management software all Chinese certification DVision, forming a set of comprehensive integrated security authentication and accounting management system, enabling access to the user’s precise management DES3526S multilayer-based quality of service QoS, for video, audio and other delay-sensitive data provide ample network bandwidth and excellent transfer rate, the full assurance of multimedia courseware, distance learning and online libraries and other applications can be carried out smoothly. 1 program uses a cost-effective Layer 2 network structure, convergence layer and access layer into a layer, to achieve the edge to the core of direct communication, improve the network transmission speed and quality of operation, optimizing the network layout while reducing the network construction cost 2. Both core layer switches DES6500, or the edge layer switches DES3226S, possess outstanding price advantage, primary and secondary schools to achieve economic networking is the ideal choice 3. edge layer device DES3226S excellent expansion capability, Stacking demand can be achieved for the rapid development of the campus network to provide a broad space for the upgrade, to avoid duplication, so as to effectively protect user investment 4. program introduced 802.1x security authentication standards, combined DVision integrated network management system and leading single IP management technology, formed a complete integrated security authentication and accounting management system, enabling access to the user’s precise, intelligent management 5. program all network devices have extensive QoS priority strategy for the multimedia courseware, distance learning , network and other network applications library provides ample network bandwidth and excellent transfer rate overview complete solutions, DLink based in Guangzhou Fangcunqu overall education system overall planning, the full grasp of the practical application of campus network based on the needs, with phased investment, construction and distribution of progressive principles used for primary and secondary schools to provide a set of scalability, stability, intelligent manageability in a customized solution that fully meets the multimedia courseware, distance learning and online libraries and other modern teaching means to carry out, greatly enhance the quality of teaching and academic level, a strong impetus to the School Link project in depth,Wholesale Oakley Sunglasses, helping Fangcun District built the Guangdong Province Jiaoyuqiangqu objectives are successfully achieved. The successful implementation of this program has once again proven DLink in the education sector strong technical strength and ability to integrate the whole case, but also for the construction of a number of high-quality educational institutions network provides an important reference.