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And a lot of otherwise horrible watches have solid links. I guess nowadays it’s become kind of a requirement for a quality watch, but that cheap watches hasn’t always been the case… And the “double locking clasp” thing - there are lots of very high end watches that have hidden clasps that only have a single locking mechanism on them… They work quite well… The “double PS3 remote locking clasp”, I think, is a relatively new invention. Weight is a bit of a red herring, since it only applies to metal bracelets… And a sapphire crystal, while wonderful to have, isn’t a “must have” - I’m thinking Citizen, who make excellent solar watches that don’t have sapphire crystals. I think it might be because the xbox 360 hard drive sapphire restricts the light energy too much (or it might be a cost thing). The problem is, at this price point, it’s very hard to figure out features that one should look for in a watch. Between $300-$1000 watches are really just fashion items and you should just get something you think looks cool, or has the features you want. Preferably from a known manufacturer. Preferably water resistant. But that’s just my two cents worth. This was a very, very difficult article to write, and kudos for trying. I’ve thought about this a lot, when friends ask me “what kind of watch should I get for $500”. It gets easier at the “above $1000” price point, I think...Hi Charles, I really wanted this to be about modern watches. There is no way to sum up things from the past 20-30 years. The bottom line is that Rolex today uses solid links, so that means they are important. Also, these criteria are an wii dvd drive replacement overview. single locking clasps aren’t always but, but a lot of the time they are. And of course when a watch doesn’t have a metal bracelet, the weight you are feeling is in just the case. Also, this article is about entry level luxury watches, not all watches. Most Citizen watches aren’t luxury watches, and thus that fact. The higher end Citizen watches, even though with Eco-Drive movements do come with sapphire crystals. And they can be in the $1000 range. The most important thing that I needed to gameboy advance sp charger realize when writing this was focus, and trying to be inclusive to all the major issues, but that doesn’t mean there are going to be occasional watches here and there that are an exception. Still, I challenge anyone to find wiganlee watches that would apply where these factors aren’t indicative.  745TDBanty 130913